Large Commercial Construction Loans

Our experienced construction lending specialists will help you navigate the process of financing your commercial property construction. We pride ourselves in offering creative financing tailor made to fit your particular financial situation.

From acquisition to construction to permanent loans, Bluebell International covers every aspect of your entire commercial project. We can help fund your project starting at land acquisition, then to construction and finally to permanent financing. 

Benefits of Bluebell Funding

  • Ability to fix interest rate before construction begins which offers protection against potential rate increases during construction.
  • Construction loan can be converted into a permanent, long-term loan upon completion.
  • Interest only during construction.
  • Non-Recourse
  • Interest paid only on the amount drawn.
  • Working capital and interest reserve included in the loan.
  • Range of rate options tailored to fit your financial circumstances.
  • On-site inspections to monitor construction progress.

Bluebell Financing Product Details

  • Asset and credit-based pricing.
  • Commercial property lending.
  • Terms and conditions apply - contact us for details.